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What is a Website? How it works?
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What is a Website? How it works?

What is a Website? How it works?

what is a website?

A Website is an online HTML document, accessible publicly and it contains information regarding your business or services. It helps people to connect with you or your business through the internet.

Formal definition: Website is a type of publicly accessible, inter-linked and intractable HTML document presented in a beautiful format”.

What is the web page?

Like any other document, website also has pages. We call these pages as Web-Pages. One complete website contains several web pages.

Example: Let’s take this website as an example. This is my website and it has several pages containing several articles. Each article is a unique web page. Now when you open it using my domain name (blog.webenfolds.com) the first thing you will see is my home page. From there if you open any article, then you will visit one of my web pages.

Likewise, for any other company several web pages (About us page, Contact Us Page, Services Page, Product Page etc.) combines to create a complete website.

Some website’s has an infinite number of web pages. It is so because they can generate a web page dynamically. Thus, they are also known as dynamic website. Technically: They use one template and generate different web pages with different sets of information. Thus, they fetch data from the database and creates web pages dynamically.

The purpose of a website

People from all across the world can read the websites and intact with it. They can become your client or a customer. They can purchase your product and services online. You can also generate leads online. Thus, it is the very important for a company or individual to have a proper professional website. As it helps in promotion and brand building.

“It has been found that a good website really boosts a business and an elite business really has a really great website.”

Technical importance

Websites are the core building blocks of the internet. Without it Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. will not exist today. It makes internet interactive, attractive, informative and more.

It is all possible due to the invention of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). To understand how the website works? The first thing we need to know is, what is HTML?

What is HTML?

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. For Now, just remember – it is a programming language used to create web pages.

HTML is an standard, developed to represent data on the internet. Each and every browser (software which helps us to browse the internet) understands HTML language.

HTML has very basic functionalities. To increase its functionalities and improve user experience on the Internet, Web 2.0 came. Web 2.0 is an evolving technology that we are using today.

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How does a website work?

We create our Web Page in HTML document and store it on web hosting server. Then we have to link our Domain Name with our hosting server. After that, our Web Pages will be accessible through our Domain Name.

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When we open a web page through URL( Universal resource locator) or domain name through our web browsers. We actually download the HTML files of that particular web page, hosted somewhere on some server, inside our browser. then our browser understands the HTMl codes and displays a web page’s content in human understandable form. Your images and video files get rendered inside an HTML document files.

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