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Top 10 Search Engines List | Learn more about them
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Top 10 Search Engines List | Learn more about them

Top 10 Search Engines List | Learn more about them


Top 10 Search Engines list of 2016. This list contains famous and widely used major search engines. This list is updated regularly.

Note: Google is not the only search engine. There are many other search engines like google. But they are not as popular as google. I have written this article to enlighten them.


Why do we need to care about other search engines?

Actually, you don’t. but if you want to target the audience where google is less popular than you probably need to look for the other search engines. This can increase the chances of finding your website easily on the internet.

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Top 10 Search Engines list of 2016.

  1. Google : Google is the king of all search engine. It’s approximately estimated that more than 65% of internet users uses google. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our company has packed a lot into a relatively young life. Since Google was founded in 1998, we’ve grown to serve millions of people around the world. Read more » About Google
  2. Bing : The closest competitor of google is Bing. Aproximately 18% of internet users uses Bing. It is a part of Microsoft search network (MSN). Read more » About Bing
  3. Yahoo : Yahoo! Search is a web search engine owned by Yahoo. It is the third largest search engine in the US by the query volume at 11%, after its competitors Google and Bing. Read more » About Yahoo Search
  4. Aol. : American Online. It is a part of google search network.
  5. WOWWOW.com is a search engine, where you can find all of the breaking news articles, top videos and trending topics that matter to you.
  6. Webcrawler : WebCrawler® brings users the top search results from Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines. WebCrawler also provides multimedia results, including images, video, news, and local information. WebCrawler is a registered trademark of InfoSpace, Inc. Read more » About Webcrawler
  7. Baidu : Baidu, Inc., incorporated on January 18, 2000, is a Chinese web services company headquartered at the Baidu Campus in Beijing’s Haidian District. Read more » About Baidu
  8. Yandex : Yandex is one of the largest internet companies in Europe, operating Russia’s most popular search engine and its most visited website. Read more » About Yandex
  9. AskAsk.com is a question answering-focused e-business and web search engine founded in 1995 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. Read more » About Ask
  10. DuckDuckGo

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