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Create Business Blog

Create Business Blog

Creating Blog

In this topic we will learn how to create a blog. A blog can be used for personal as well as business purposes.

Why Business blog?

  1. To publish recent updates.
  2. To publish upcoming events, news and more.
  3. To connect with your customers and let them interact with your business.
  4. To build public relation.
  5. To cover SERP with most of the keywords to improve ORM (Online Reputation Management).
  6. To build backlink profile, improve crawling rate, improve domain authority and more.

It’s perfectly natural, that you might not have understood few point listed above. So don’t worry you will understand those points as you proceed with the course.

Importance of Business Blog

  1. It helps to drive traffic to your website.
  2. It helps to convert organic and inorganic traffic into leads.
  3. It helps to establish trust and authority.
  4. It drives long-term results.
  5. Improves SEO and more.

Types of Blog

Self-Hosted Blog: Business uses self-hosted blog for official blogging. Self hosted blog is hosted with your website sharing same domain name. As it shares your domain name, thus it helps to improve trust and authority.

Free Blog: Free blogs are not mostly used by the businesses for official blogging. It’s basically used for SEO purposes. It hosted on a free domain name provided by the third party, which is not your official domain.

Creating Self-Hosted Blog

Now let’s create a Self-Hosted blog with WordPress. You can follow the following DM Hot topic to create a WordPress self-hosted Blog. You can skip it if you plan to create a blog later on.

DM HOT WP Create WordPress Self-Hosted Blog

Once you have a WordPress self-hosted blog, you can now start blogging. Blogging is all about posting latest updates, news, articles related to products and services in order to engage online users with quality contents.

Create Free Blog

To improve your ranking in search engines, thereby for SEO we need to create free blogs. You can have n number of free blogs. But don’t create free blog more than you can mange. Now for any reason, if you are not going with the self hosted blog. Then do create at least one free blog. Because later you need to practice SEO in your blog.

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