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Create Better Ads With Ad Extensions
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Create Better Ads With Ad Extensions

Create Better Ads With Ad Extensions

Enhance your advertisement with Extensions

Ad Extensions increases more reason to click on your ads. Advertisement extensions can help you accomplish improve ad visibility and better return on investment (ROI). Ad extensions are an advertisement format that shows additional data about your business. Some can be included manually and others are automated. Ad extensions display with advertisements on the Search Network and relying upon the extension, may also display with promotions on the Display Network.Create Better Ads With Ad Extensions

How Promotion Extensions Function

AdWords displays one or more extensions with your advertisement when it computes that the extension will enhance your campaign performance, and when your Ad Rank is sufficiently high for it to appear.

Automated extensions: AdWords makes and shows the automated extensions format/designs (seller rating, customer rating, social extensions and, past visits) when it predicts that they’ll enhance your advertisement’s performance.

What Ad Extensions Cost

There’s no cost to add extensions to your campaign, however, you’re charged as common for clicks on your ad, and additionally for specific communications that extensions give. Displays local  business information with location extensions

 What Location Extensions do

  • Location extension displays your business address, telephone number and a map marker with your ad text
  • Clicks on advertisements with location extensions cost a standard cost per- click
  • On mobile devices, they include a link with directions to your business


  • Location extensions encourage individuals to visit you face to face
  • You can include various addresses by liking your record to Google My Business
  • on average, advertisements with location extensions see a 10% support in clickthrough rate
  • You can target on your advertisement around your business address

Where and how your local business data can displays

location extension can display your business data in a different format on the Google Search Network, Google Search Network partner Sites, Google Maps and on cell phones. The most effective method to set up location extension

AdWords uses Google My Business to deal with your business addresses.

  • Google My Business is a free service that helps clients to discover you on the web
  • It makes all your business address accessible for any campaign or ad group on the Search, Display or Search with Display Select systems.
  • You can use filters to control which addresses appear with your ads at the account, campaign and ad group level

About Google My Business

Using the Google My Business dashboard, you can:

  • Maintain the business data on Google.
  • Build faithful clients using a Google+ page.
  • Track engagement with insights for Google+ pages and posts
  • See data on your related Google Analytics account and YouTube channels
  • Create and track the performance of AdWords Express campaigns.

 Once you’ve verified your business on Google My Business, you’ll have the capacity to:

  • Help get your business found on Google
  • Read and response to reviews
  • Get client experiences

Create Call-Only Campaign

call-only campaign permits you to concentrate on getting more people to click-to-call you straight from your advertisements. With these campaigns, you can use CPC bidding based on the value of a call to your business. You’ll also able to include your existing telephone data to your new ads.

Understanding your Seller Rating

Selling rating is an automated extension that let people know which promoters are highly rated for quality service.

How seller rating function

Seller rating displays a collection of data and review of your AdWords advertisements. These reviews and rating essentially reflect clients’ overall customer experience with these organizations, not their response to specific products. We coordinate these reviews to your advertisement by pairing the domain of the display URL to the advertiser’s domain from the audit source on Google.

Show extra site links beneath your ad text

The sitelinks ad extension indicates a link to particular pages on your site underneath the content of your advertisements, helping clients to reach what they’re searching for on your site with only a single click. Sitelinks show up in advertisements at the top and bottom of Google search result.

Here are some reasons to consider adding site links to your advertisements:

  • Show shortcuts
  • Minimize work
  • Update effortlessly
  • Flexibility
  • Detailed reporting
  • Customized sitelinks for mobile devices
  • Scheduling with start and end dates

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