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Different approaches of digital marketing
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Different approaches of digital marketing

Different approaches of digital marketing

Different approaches of digital marketing

Till now, I assume you got the basic idea of Digital Marketing and its importance. Now let’s discuss different approaches of digital marketing. In this topic, I will elaborate different approaches for you to understand. Later on, you can implement it on your business.

There are two different types of digital marketing approach. Organic and inorganic approach. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Organic approach

Organic means natural. As the name suggests, it is a kind of free digital marketing approach. It requires proper skills, not a direct investment for digital promotion. It is the very common approach and almost all companies first go for organic promotion. The only drawback with the organic approach is, it has huge competition.

Organic digital marketing includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and more.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization: It is a process of improving your website ranking on search engines such as Google without paying anything. SEO is completely free.
  2. SMO – Social Media Optimization: Promoting, optimising, improving and enhancing your business presence on social media networks without running advertisements, is known as Social Media Optimization. SMO is completely free.

Inorganic approach

It is basically paid digital marketing approach. Such as running online advertisements. It requires proper skills and capital investment. Most of the companies and business go with inorganic digital marketing, rather than just relying on organic approach. As it gives better result even in the highly competitive market. The only drawback is, there is no free alternative. It only includes online advertising and affiliate marketing.

  1. Online Advertisements: It is exactly similar to as it sounds. Online advertisement means running promotional advertisements on the internet. usually on the websites. You have seen ads on Television (T.V.). Running ads on T.V. is a part of traditional marketing, but running ads on the websites such as on YouTube, Google search etc is a part of inorganic digital marketing. It is the most powerful and effective strategy of internet marketing. It allows reaching to your potential audience at a right time.
  2. Mobile Marketing: Running advertisements on mobile devices by targeting mobile application.
  3. SMM – Social Media Marketing: It is a practice of running advertisements on social media networks. We just can’t rely on social media optimisation strategies to promote your business. It is time taking and results are unpredictable. In order to generate business effectively, webmasters combine SMM (Social Media Marketing) with SMO.
  4. Online Affiliate Marketing: If you are a manufacturer or service provider, then you can provide affiliate to others. For that, you can create a system. Through that system, anybody including digital marketers and bloggers can join with your business and carry forward your marketing on their own channels. In return, as the most of the business does, you can award them with a commission or gift. It’s up to you. Online affiliate marketing can save your resources and capital that you need to invest in order to run your own digital marketing campaigns.

The list isn’t over – There are other approaches which fit in both the above categories. They are termed as just digital marketing approaches.

Other approaches

These are basically a mixture of organic and inorganic digital marketing approach. They provide both free and paid marketing plans to their users. It includes:

  1. Email Marketing: It is a practice of generating business through promotional emails. Businesses send promotional email to their potential customers in order to generate business. For that, they use email marketing tools. These tools offer both free and paid plans. Free plans include a limited number of emails and subscribers per month. While paid plans comparatively increase this limit.
  2. Classifieds and Business Listings: There are businesses, which helps other small business to reach out to a large number of audience. They provide a platform for small business, to sell and promote their product and services. Their business model offers both free and paid plans.

What’s next?

The first step of Digital marketing is to create an online presence for your business. Your online presence makes your business discoverable on the internet. Then we will discuss each approach with practical.

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