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Different ways of getting a website
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Different ways of getting a website

Different ways of getting a website

Different ways of getting a website

How to get a website?

There are a number of simple ways to get a website. In this chapter, I will explain you the two different ways of getting a website. These are the simplest and most sensible ways for a businessman to get a website for their company.

  • Get it developed by an expert or
  • Learn how to create a website

Getting a website developed by an expert

Getting a website from an expert is easy and more productive for your business rather than learning and developing it all by yourself. Developing a website from scratch is not an easy task. There are different programming languages used to create a website such as HTML, PHP, JS, CSS etc. Learning these languages aren’t going to help you in your business. I would suggest you focus on your core business. And get your website developed by the experts. Time is an essence. Even if you are a quick learner, it is something that changes quickly and requires a lot of practice to develop a website that can beat off your competitors. Thus you need to invest a lot of time, in order to develop a superb website for your business.

As you already read before, a website is the first point of interaction between your business and your potential customer. Sometimes you only get one opportunity to impress or lose your client. It’s really hard to notice that coincidence unless you know how to analyze the traffic of your website. So, why to take a risk. Let the experts handle it for you.

Learning is the never ending process. In this app, you will learn website development, but to develop a website you need to invest your precious time which you can’t buy. Here you will find a lot of things to learn. It will be helpful in the long run for your business.

If you aren’t an IT guy. Then the best way to get the website for your business is to get it developed by an expert. For that, I can definitely help you. Connect with me anytime.

Learn how to create a website?

Let’s get started with your first website. I have listed three different ways to develop a website. These are non-technical techniques of creating a website. With any of these techniques, you will be able to create the perfect website for your business with least technical understanding.

Different ways to develop a website:
  1. Develop a website using online website creators
  2. Develop a website using HTML ready to use template or
  3. Develop an advanced website using CMS hosted on your server

Developing a website using online website creator

This is one of the most common methods used by the newbies. There are website builder tools available on the internet which helps to create a website. These tools require no extra IT skills. This provides a good platform to build a website without any technical knowledge and much of capital investment.

There are a lot of companies who provide an online website building platform. Along with that, they also provide a simplified tutorial in order to understand their platform. Choose any one platform and start learning their process and don’t just jump from one platform to another.

  1. Zoho Website Builder
  2. Website builder tool by web hosting provider

The list isn’t over. There are more companies who provide website development platforms such as Wix, Weebly etc. You can also find the tutorials listed on their website.

Developing website using HTML ready to use template

You can visit “HTML Template Hub” and download Free HTML templates. If you know HTML, you can modify this template according to your need. You can then upload these templates to your web hosting server.

Developing website using CMS

Developing a website with CMS is very simple. CMS stands for content management system. CMS empowers everyone to develop their own website. It gives us the complete flexibility and control on our website. This is the actual professional way of website development.

Understanding CMS

CMS is a web application, just like a robot. It accepts contents such as literature, images, videos and more. Then it processes the content and creates a website. It also provides the ability to modify and customise the website.

There are several CMS. Such as WordPress, Drupal, Opencart and more. Most of the CMS is open source. Means completely free to use, as the way we want.

Benefits of using CMS

Unlimited possibility: With CMS, you have a complete freedom to develop the website as you want. You can add you own functionality, use any available theme, tweak any preconfigured settings and more.

Create ECommerce Website: CMS allow to add eCommerce functionality. Thereby you can turn your simple CMS website into an eCommerce portal.

Create Web Application: CMS is very powerful software. It allows the expert developer to create advanced web applications. Experts can modify the core functionality of CMS to shape it according to their need.

To develop a website using CMS, you must have your own web hosting server along with a domain name. CMS is like a software. It needs to get installed on a web hosting server.

I recommend everyone to create a website using CMS. It’s a modern way of website development. So before digging into CMS, you must go through comparison table.

Comparison between different ways of website development

Features Online Website Builder HTML Template Content Management System
Hosting Free with platforms Required to be purchased Required to be purchased
Number of pages The platform works well under 50 pages. Above 50 pages, it becomes difficult to work and harder to manage. The platform may become unstable and unreliable above 500 pages Depends upon the template No limit on the number of pages. Very stable and flexible system
Customization You will find lots of limitation as you start developing website seriously. As these platforms are not designed for the professional developers. You will very limited. You must have a complete understanding of web programming languages in order to customise. Fully customizable along with theme selection.
Functionality Limited Limited Most of the modern web functionality can be added. Plugins can be used to add functionality
Software updates Automatic Manual – Difficult Process Manual with full control
Security Management Automatic Manual – Difficult Process Manual with full control
Backup Management Automatic Manual – Difficult Process Manual with full control

In next topic, you will understand and learn to create a website using WordPress CMS.

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