In this article, I am going to explain you about different digital marketing approach. This article is specially written for the beginners. To understand this, the first thing you need to understand is, what is digital marketing? If you don’t know what it is, please read my previous article.

After understanding digital marketing, let’s understand its different approaches briefly. Remember, you must follow my other articles to understand this topic completely. After that you can plan your own digital marketing strategy for your business.

Digital Marketing Approach

The first and the most common approach is website promotion through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In Search Engine Optimization, we enhance our website for better ranking in Google and in other search engines. Website’s SEO can help our client or visitors to find our website easily on the Internet. This can really help to promote our business online. The benefit of this approach is, it’s completely free, but it takes time for better results.

The second most common practice of digital marketing is social media promotion. Social media or social networking platforms, such as Facebook Twitter etc. has lots of potential audiences. These audiences can be effectively converted into a client or customer. Social media promotion can be paid for free it depends upon your goal. For example, if you want the instant result then you should probably go for the paid marketing. Paid marketing is the process of running advertisements. Here you can run advertisements on social networking websites. But, if you are planning for long term goal. Then you should focus on your subscribers, followers, and business page. You need to build your reputation and a good reputation over social network channels. You need to do a regular posting on social networks. And indulge your business over other social media related activities. Once you have a sufficient number of followers and subscriber, you can then effectively convert them into a client.

The third digital marketing approach is internet advertisement. It includes running advertising campaigns over search networks, mobile apps, multimedia media networks and third party websites. Let’s briefly discuss each of them.

  1. Online advertisement over search networks such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Here we target search engines result from the page (SERP) to show our advertisements, adjacent to the organic results. Search Engine is a kind of web application where a user can find their queries. Here advertisers have a golden opportunity to advertise about the relevant subjects according to the user’s query. In this case, if a user is really serious about their queries, then they definitely get converted into a client or customer.
  2. Online advertisement over a mobile app. Mobile devices and wearables are now very trending these days. Nowadays, the majority of people are using mobile apps throughout a day, for their day to day activities. If we can target the right app, at the right time, at a right place, then we can get a quality customer for sure. This is a part of mobile marketing, which we will discuss later on.
  3. Online advertisement over multimedia networks. Here, we target multimedia network such as songs website, video hosting websites and gaming websites, for placing our advertisements. Such as iTunes, YouTube, free to play gaming websites etc. This method helps you to target your right audience on their leisure period.
  4. Online advertisement over others website. There are a lot of famous websites, which we can target for quality traffics. In this method we can target these famous websites, to place our advertisements there and redirect potential traffic towards our website. This is also known as a display advertisement.

The forth digital marketing approach is online media promotion. Here we creative interactive contents such as video, images, PPT, flash animations, and games. And offer these for the fee to a global audience. So that they can interact with it and eventually end up as your customer. We can use various networks such as flicker, Instagram etc. to promote our images. We can use YouTube to engage users with our video content. We will discuss this in detail, later on.