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How Google search works? | Understanding Search Engine
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How Google search works? | Understanding Search Engine

How Google search works? | Understanding Search Engine


In this article, we will explain to you how the search engine works? Basically, a search engine is a software and it helps to find information on the internet. The Internet is a collection of lot websites, images, videos etc. This information and resources are uploaded by internet users like you and me. Now its responsibility of a search engine to find and store this information on the web. So that search engine can deliver the right information at a right time to the users while they perform the search.

The process of finding information on the internet by following the links that connect all the websites and webpages with each other is called as crawling. The search engine has a software specially dedicated for this purpose. This software is called robots, crawlers etc.

What is a crawler or robot or spider

When the search engine finds the information, then it stores the information into its database. This process of storing information is known as indexing.

So while the user performs the search on search engines such as Google. They are not actually searching the internet, but they are searching the information that has been indexed by the Google. For better explanation, I recommend you to watch the above video.


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