Analyze Results

You can analyze essential account, campaign and ad group data utilizing distinctive information and reports accessible in AdWords. There are additionally advanced reports that go beyond the quantity of clicks or impressions that you’re getting, permitting you to see the effect AdWords has on your business.

Understanding AdWords reports and measurements

Customize Your Data

You’ll need to consider your AdWords objectives and choose which measurements are most critical for measuring progress toward those objectives. At that point, you can alter the information in your statistics table to perceive how your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords are performing.

Dimensions Tab

You can utilize the Dimensions tab to take a gander at information over your whole account, a singular campaign or an ad group.

Search Terms Report

The Search expressions report permits you to see the terms that individuals were searching for when your ad appeared. You can likewise observe the performance measurements for those searches.

Best Movers Report

The top movers report gives you a chance to see which campaign have the greatest changes (increases or decreases) in clicks, cost, and conversions, and demonstrates to you some conceivable causes for those chances.

Paid and Natural Report

With the paid and natural report, you can see how frequently pages from your site are appearing in Google search results, and which inquiries activated those results to appear on the search result page.

Auction Insights

Utilize the Auction insights reports to contrast your performance and other sponsors who are taking an interest in similar auction that you are.

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How To Measure Your Results In Adwords
In this, you will learn to measure account, campaign and ad group data and report available in Adwords.
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