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Optimization of your campaign
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Optimization of  your campaign

Optimization of your campaign

To optimize your campaign, you need to enhancing your return on investment (ROI).There are also many ways available to optimize your campaign like keywords tips, ad text tips, bids and budget tips etc.

Optimization of  your campaignFundamental Approaches to Enhance your ROI

  • Use a landing page that is most relevant to your advertisement
  • Use highly relevant keywords and ad content
  • Adjust your bids

Keywords Tips

  • Use negative keywords to dispose of undesirable clicks
  • Optimize low-performing keywords
  • Remove duplicate keywords
  • Perform a keyword analysis
  • Check your keywords’ estimated first-page bid

Ad Content Tips

  • Understand the purchasing cycle
  • Enhance your promotion with extensions

Bids and Budget Tips

  • Experiment with bids and budget/spending plans to see what works
  • Allocate your budget as per execution/performance
  • Adjust your keywords bid
  • Use ad planning to automatically change your bids for the duration of the day

Expanding your brand awareness on the Display Network

With a brand engagement campaign, you need to build awareness of and positive associations with your organization and its product and services. You can do this using:

  • Targeting options
  • Bidding strategy
  •  Ad formats

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