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Organizing Campaigns and Ads in your Account
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Organizing Campaigns and Ads in your Account

Organizing Campaigns and Ads in your Account

Understanding the relationship between the layers of your account will help you to organize your advertisements, keywords, and ad groups into successful campaigns that target the correct audience.

Organizing Campaigns and Ads in your AccountHow AdWords is organized

AdWords is organized into three layers:

  1. Account
  2. Campaign
  3. Ad group

Why you should organize your Ads into Ad Groups and Campaigns

To show ads that are applicable to the searches of individuals you’re attempting to reach, package related ads together with related keywords into an ad group. That way, the greater part of your related ads can be appeared to clients searching for related things. A collection of ad groups frames a campaign – the master control for your ad groups where you can pick or choose:

  • How much you’re willing to spend on clicks or conversions
  • Networks and geographical locations
  • Other top-level settings that influence cluster of ad groups

Utilizing keyword Matching Options

keywords match type control which searches can trigger your ad. For illustration, you could utilize broad match to demonstrate your ad to a wide audience, then again you could use exact match to focus on particular groups of clients.

About keyword match type

Learn about the different keyword match type (broad, phrase, exact, and negative) and how selecting the correct ones for your keywords can help you come to your AdWords objectives.

How keyword Match Type Function

  • Broad Match: These may appear if a search term contains your keyword terms in any request and possibly alongside different terms.
  • Broad Match modifier: Your advertisements can just show when somebody’s inquiry contains those modified terms or close varieties of the modified terms, in any request.
  • Phrase Match: Your ad will appear when somebody searches for your exact keywords, or your exact keyword with additional words before or after it.
  • Exact Match: Your ads can seem just when somebody searches for your exact keyword, with no different terms in the search.
  • Negative Match: Your ad won’t appear if a search term contains the keyword term that you characterize with a minus sign (- ) prefix.

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