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Requirements to create a website
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Requirements to create a website

Requirements to create a website

Website requirements

Before creating a website for your business. You must understand the basic requirements to host a website.

In order to host a website, you require following three things:

  1. Domain Name: Address of your website.
  2. Web Hosting: Server/computer used to store your files online.
  3. Website Files: Your website files including HTML documents, images etc. This constitutes your website.

Without these, your website will not be accessible online. If you are not so technical, then read the below example which illustrates these requirements through the real world example.

Let’s consider your website as real world office premises as you can see in the above picture.
First: To set up an office. The first thing you need to do is to purchase the address for your office building. Your office address in this example can be represented as a domain name.
Second: Your office address will be useless if you don’t construct the office building. Creating infrastructure is a second step to set up an office. Your office building (infrastructure) in this example can be represented as a web hosting server.
Third: Now after constructing an office building. The last thing we require is furniture and equipment. The empty office building can’t be used for any purpose. In this example, furniture and equipment are like your website files.

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