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Understand different type of websites
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Understand different type of websites

Understand different type of websites

Different type of websites

Before deciding a website for your business. You must understand its type. Websites are categorized in multiple ways. These categories are based on the number of pages, design, and functionality.

Types of website based on pages

  1. One page website: It has single web page.
  2. Multi-page website: It contains the collection of web pages. Here user navigates from one web page to another using navigation menu.

Number of pages in a website doesn’t decide the amount of information.

A one-page website and multi-page website can have the same amount of content irrespective of their number of pages. It’s all depends upon their design. Thus a number of pages are not the ideal criteria of website classification.

Types of website based on design

  1. Responsive website: Based on the responsive bootstrap framework. A responsive website can fit on any device. Most of the modern websites are now responsive.
  2. Non-Responsive Website: These websites are specially created for the specific website. These websites don’t change their dimension based on the devices.

The actual classification of the website is based on the features and functionality of the website.

Types of website based on features and functionality

  1. Static Website
  2. Dynamic Websites and
  3. Portal websites

There are more than a billions of websites in the internet. While you browse the internet and starts visiting few websites. Then you will notice that some websites are very interactive where you can search information what you are looking for, fill a form in order to get an answer to your query. Or some are very simple, where you can just navigate between pages using links and menus. There are verities of websites and they all differ because of their features and functionality.

Features and functionalities makes all difference. Many people don’t notice or bother the differences. They just continue surfing and browsing the internet. But a technical person can simply notice this differences and categorise these websites accordingly. It’s also important for entrepreneurs to understand the differences. So that, they can identify – which website will be the best for their business.

Static Website

A static website is a collection of simple HTML web pages. It does not ask or store any information from users. They are unable to perform modern functions such as – dynamic search, live chat. They cannot generate dynamic pages and ask for comments and reviews from users.

Portfolio, catalog, showcase type websites etc.

A static website is a collection of static web pages. Static web pages are often HTML documents stored as files. They contain only client-side processing languages such as HTML, CSS, and JS.

These websites are good only for representing the information that rarely changes. A static web page displays the same information for all users.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is a collection dynamic web pages. These are modern websites and it can ask and store information from users. It has modern functions such as – dynamic search, live chat, comments, reviews, feedback and more.

All modern interactive websites such as news websites, gaming websites, blogs etc.

A dynamic website is a collection of dynamic web frame. Dynamic web frame is a skeleton of a dynamic website and does not contains any information. Dynamic website creates web page based on dynamic web frame by fetching data from the database using server-side processing languages such as PHP.

Portal Website

A portal website is an advanced version of a dynamic website. It contains user specific dynamic web pages. It has all the functions of the dynamic website. These websites are like a portal for their clients and registered users to explore their private data.

E-Commerce website such as amazon, banking website etc.

A portal website is same as dynamic website. Additionally, it uses the database to store user information and provide automatic real-time user authentication and registration.

Which website to select?

For a normal user, all websites are same. So just select the websites according to your need and budget. If you want to sell anything or to provide services online, then chose the portal website. A simple business can go for a dynamic website. There is no specific reason to select static website. Business selects static website, as they are more secure and cheaper than the dynamic website.

If you are still confused. Then Read the non-technical comparison between a static website and dynamic website. You can also use ASK Buddy section for technical clarifications and suggestions, directly from an expert.

Non-technical Comparison between static website and dynamic website

Static Website Dynamic Website
Low cost Comparatively High Cost
You cannot modify any data Data can be easily be modified by logging into administrative panel
A limited number of pages. No admin panel to add additional pages Any number of additional pages can be added
The user cannot perform a search, comment, reviews etc. Dynamic features are available
Data cannot be modified without editing the file itself. So it is secure. Extra security measures must be taken to safe guard the data.
Website can easily be cloned. Website cannot be cloned easily.

Case Study

Read it carefully and try to answer the question provided below:

  1. There is a famous local automobile garage. They want a website, just to show their services and pricing to their visitors.
  2. There is a saloon. They want a website to show their services and pricing. They also need an inquiry form and fashion news section.
  3. There is a wholesale business of designer clothing’s. They want to sell their clothes to their online users.

Question: Which type of website is suitable these case Scenario?

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