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Understanding Online Presence
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Understanding Online Presence

Understanding Online Presence

Understanding Online Presence

Your online presence is something that represents you or your business, on the internet. It helps your target audience, fan, contributors, and followers to find you easily on the internet. A business or company can have one or more than one, type of online presence. At the end of this course, your business or company will be having more than one type of online presence.

Most common online business presence

  1. Website and blog
  2. Social Media Presence
  3. Business presence on maps

Creating multiple types of online business presence is always a good idea. Multiple presences of your business can help your users to find and explore your products and services easily.

There are few facts that you should remember before creating your online business presence.

  • Never create a duplicate business presence on the same channel. As it can confuse your audiences and they might lose trust on your business.
  • Maintain your standards. While creating multiple business presences on multiple channels, you should use similar creative and designs, along with your correct business information.
  • Link your different online presence with each other. So that, it will be easy for your customers to find and explore your other online presence. It also helps to build brand value.

On our next chapters, I will provide some useful information, suggestions and tutorials for creating an online presence for your business.

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