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Understanding Web Hosting Server
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Understanding Web Hosting Server

Understanding Web Hosting Server

Understanding Web Hosting Server

What is web hosting server?

Web hosting server is a publicly accessible hosting computer. We host our website and its related files on a web hosting server to make it accessible online for everyone. Web hosting servers are also called as web servers or just server.

A web server is a computer system that processes requests via HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol). It serves website files to the visitors.

Hosting a Website

Hosting a website means uploading and saving its related files and media on a server. These files can then be accessed online through a domain name pointing towards that particular server address.

Every server is a computer. Every computer has RAM, ROM, and CPU which is also called as resources.
RAM: Random Access Memory (Application or program requires RAM to run).
ROM: Read Only Memory – Storage (Your images, videos, and other files need to get stored on your storage device inside your computer).
CPU: Central Processing Unit – (Application or program requires CPU to run).

Types of Web Hosting Servers

There are many types of web hosting servers. These are categorized based on their server resource and operating system.

Different Web hosting servers based on resource

  1. Shared Hosting Server: These are most commonly used and affordable Hosting Environment. These Web Hosting Servers shares its resources with the wide network of online connected shared servers.
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server): These hosting servers are more powerful and costly.
  3. Dedicated Hosting Server: Unlike shared hosting server and VPS. Dedicated servers are not shared with anyone. These are very powerful and costly servers. Recommended only for the very big organization.
  4. Cloud Hosting: This type of web hosting server relies on cloud hosting environment. In Cloud hosting, you can anytime increase and decreases your server resources according to your need. And pay accordingly. Setting up cloud hosting environment is difficult now, but I believe it will be simplified in future.

Different Web hosting servers based on operating system

  1. Windows Hosting Server: Web hosting server that uses Windows as an operating system.
  2. Linux Hosting Server: Web hosting server that uses Linux as an operating system. It is more secure, affordable, and popular.

Hosting Recommendation

It’s perfectly suitable to start a website with Linux shared hosting servers. Shared hosting server is powerful enough to host most of the business website. Good Linux shared servers can run an e-commerce website.

Getting domain name and web hosting

Till now you have gone through the basics of domain name and hosting. Now let’s understand how to purchase a domain name and web hosting server for your website.

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