What are different types of Websites? To understand that, the first thing you need to understand is what is a website?

A website is an HTML Document. HTML is a hypertext markup language. HTML is a basic framework of a website. HTML does not collect and store any data, plus it is not much interactive. To enhance the functionality of HTML Website, We use Javascript (Js, Jquery… etc.), Serverside processing Languages (PHP) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). According to the functionalities of a website, we have different categories/types of website.

Understand Website?

If you don’t know what is a website? How does it work? then we insist you to, read our article about, what is a website? There you will understand how the website works? what are its technologies? etc.

Different types of Websites.

According to the functionalities of a website, we have three types of websites. Those are Static Website, Dynamic Websites and Portal websites.

What is Static Website?

Static websites is a simple HTML website. These websites contain static HTML pages. These websites are good only for representing the information that rarely changes. Learn More about Static Website.

What is Dynamic Website?

Dynamic websites is an advanced HTML website. This website uses PHP/ASP languages to generate dynamic contains. These websites are good for representing the information that frequently changes. Learn More about Dynamic website.

What is Portal Website?

Portal websites is an advanced Dynamic website. This website uses server-side language and database to store and generate information. On these website user can intract with their data, filter the informations etc. Learn More about Portal website.

Difference between a Static, Dynamic and Portal Websites.

Static WebsiteDynamic WebsitePortal Website
Static Websites are simple HTML Websites. Don't Contains Server-side Processing Language.Dynamic websites Contain Server-side Processing Language.Portal websites Contain Server-side Processing Language and use database to store user information.
Don't generate any dynamic contents.These websites are dynamic in nature. These can generate dynamic contents, Such as Dynamic Searching etc.These websites are completely dynamic in nature. It also enables my account features. So that user can login and register.
Here users can read but cannot comment or log- in or search anything.
Here users can read information, Search Information, but cannot comment or log- in.
Here users can read information, Search Information, post comments and log- in to access my account.
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