“Domain Name is the address of your Website. It is your online identity!

In more technical terms, Domain name is simply a unique sequence of letters, numbers or both. These letters and numbers  are separated by one or more dots, which act as a pointer to a unique numerical IP address on an Internet. Its ends with an extension such as .com, .org, .info etc. These are it’s extensions.

Different types of Domain Name

We have different types of the domain name, based on their extensions. To classify these extensions in a group, we have domain name types. These extensions are classified under TLD.

TLD stands for Top Level Domain: It defines the Domain Name extensions in the DNS records of the Internet. TLD is used to identify the Domains according to its purpose, type of organization associated with it or the geographical location where it originates.

TLD has many types and each of it has a separate registry managed by a designated organization under the direction of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

gTLD – Generic Top Level Domains: These are at the highest level of Domain Name extensions in the DNS record of the Internet.

  1. .com − Stands for company/commercial, but it can be used for any website.
  2. .net − Stands for network and is usually used for a network of sites.
  3. .org − Stands for an organization and is supposed to be for non-profit bodies.
  4. .info − Stands for information and is usually used provide information.
  5. Others such as .edu, .gov etc.

ccTLD – Country code Top Level Domains: Two letter domain extension established for geographical locations.

  1. .in − For India.
  2. .au − For Australia. like, wise…

sTLD – Sponsored Top Level Domains:  These domain names are managed by private organizations.

  1. .biz
  2. .website
  3. .rock
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What is a Domain Name and its Types
Domain name is simply a unique sequence of letters, numbers or both that links to your website. Read this article to understand, which is the best domain name for your business.
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