What is digital marketing? In simple words, selling anything online in a digital platform is digital marketing. Selling online means selling over the internet. Selling digitally means selling on the digital platform. Your computers, mobile phones etc, are the digital platforms. Here seller sells their products digitally through eCommerce Portals (eCommerce Portals provide a platform to sell products online).

Marketing also means promotion. So we can also say, Digital marketing is processes of promotion of company or business on worldwide internet network. Thorugh digital network we promote a small business into a famous brand.

In Technical Terms: What is digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a wide term used for the targetable, measurable, and interactive marketing process of products or services using digital technologies over a global network of internet, to reach the widest majority of audiences.

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How Digital Marketing Works?

Digital marketing works in a very simple manner. We need to promote our company online to start marketing on a digital platform. To promote our company online, we can use several methods. Few of them are listed below:

  1. We can promote our company online through our website. For that first thing, we need to have a website. Once we have a website we can promote it in a many ways, few of them are.
    • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
    • ADs: Through Advertisements on Various network channels
    • Social Media: driving traffic from social media to your website
  2. We can also promote our company online without having a website. For that, we have to use other resources. Some techniques involved in that are listed below.
    • Social Media Network: Social media network is the biggest platform to share our ideas, products, services etc, over a wide network of a diverse audience. There we can sell our products and services through social promotions and social advertisements.
    • Business Listings: Business listing is a process of listing our business on others website. Through this, we can also sell our products and services online.