What is Really simple syndication (RSS)?

Really Simple SyndicationRSS is also known as Rich Site Summary. It’s is a summary of your website’s content in a form of web feed. It is generally used to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video. Many news-related sites, blogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Benefits of RSS

It helps the regular visitors of a Website to stay updated by retreving information of the latest content from the websites without actually visiting the website, using RSS feeds. It saves their time as they don’t need to visit each Websites individually.

How Really Simple Syndications (RSS) works?

A website, generates RSS feeds for its readers. This RSS feed is in XML format. XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language. The user can then read this feeds through RSS reader or subscribe RSS email newsletters.

Now the question is, how website generates RSS Feeds?

Nowadays we create our website or blog using popular CMS (Content management system). These content management systems have inbuilt RSS feed generator. Blogging tools such as bloggers and tumblers also have inbuilt RSS feed generator. On these platforms, we just need to identify our feed URL. Once identified, it can then be used to generate feeds for your readers.

Self-developed website (or non-CMS website) can generate XML feeds in two ways. One way is to manually create it using XML coding. Or we can create XML feeds dynamically using PHP. Creating feeds dynamically using PHP is the better option, as it do not need manual feed updation.

How to create XML Feeds?

For non-CMS or self-developed websites, dynamic XML feed can be generated using SimpleXML. You can follow the tutorials here » How to create XML Feeds?

For WordPress and other CMS, XML feeds get generated automatically. They have built-in RSS feed generator. You can view your own feeds using a special URL (www.yourdomain.com/feed/). You can type this URL in your address bar of your browser to see your live feeds in XML format.

How XML feed looks like?

XML feed of any website or a blog, looks like this. It is an XML code. To phrase this code, we can use RSS readers.

What is really simple syndication rss xml format?

See live XML feeds here: RSS Feed of our website.

Once the feed is generated from your website or blog, you can then allow your viewers, visitors or readers to follow and read your RSS feed. To do that, you can follow several methods. Such as:

  • RSS Button
  • RSS Newsletter

How to create RSS Button for your website / blog?

RSS button on your website helps your reader and visitors to easily subscribe to your RSS Feed. This button contains a link to your feed URL (or feed address). You can create it, just like an HTML button with a link pointing towards your feed address.

WordPress users can use this plugin to add RSS button through widget on their blog. Download RSS Widget.

How to create RSS News Letter for your website / blog?

RSS News Letters are also known as RSS email Subscription. In this case, user can subscribe to our RSS feed and get updates directly in their emai account.

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What is Really Simple Syndication (RSS) | How it works
Really Simple Syndication - RSS is also known as Rich Site Summary. It's is a summary of your website's content in a form of web feed.