What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission (SE Submission) is a practice of submitting domain name (URL of your website) to all known search engine. Before reading this article, I recommend you to read the following articles if you don’t what is the domain name and search engines.

what is a domain name?

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SE submission is often presented as a way to promote a Website. Generally, it is not necessary because most of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use crawlers, robots, and spiders that eventually would find most Websites on the Internet all by themselves.

Why should we do Search Engine Submission?

Search Engine websites will help our customers, clients and visitors to find our website on the internet. So it’s our responsibility to make the presence of our website on all major Search Engines. But we also knew that all major SE discovers websites on the internet automatically. This process is also known as crawling. So, why we should do Search Engine Submission?


  • Automatic Crawling of SE is not fast enough to reflect your changes instantly on SERPs.
  • All SEs other than google takes forever to discover your website.
  • You won’t come in SERP page until your website gets crawled by Search engines.
  • To fasten the process of website indexing by SEs. Indexing is a process of storing website’s information to the database.
  • Some search engine robots do not automatically come to our website to index our the contents.

We can do SE Submissions in two ways. First through automatic submission websites and other through manual submission one by one.

Automatic Search Engine Submission Website List

These are the lists of the websites where we can submit our URL. These websites are not Search Engines. These are auto submission website, which automatically submits the URL of our website to all major Search Engines.

Is it safe to trust these third party websites?

It’s completely safe to use these third party websites. Because these websites just submits the URL of your website. They can not alter your website’s data, as search engines extract the data from your website by themselves.

How does it work?

When we submit our URL to this third party websites, then these websites submit our domain name to all major search engine.

Manual Website Submission on Search Engines

Other than automatic submission, we can manually go to these URLs to submit our web sites and web pages instantly.

Search Enginesubmit URL
GoogleSubmit URL
BingSubmit URL