What is the web 3.0

The upcoming generation of Website or Web Technology will be called as Web 3.0. No one when it comes and no one knows what kinds of technology it will bring. Web 1.0 is a first web evolution it contains very basic concepts of creating and managing the website with a narrow perspective to serve the specific goal. As people evolve they developed new technologies which change the description of the website. People started interacting with each other through websites. So they needed a name to represent these changes or updates and they called it as Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is too broad and is still growing. The term Web 2.0 was never clearly defined. Today if you ask twenty different people what it means, then you will likely get twenty different definitions. However many people agree that Web 2.0 focuses on several major technologies including AJAX, social networking, folksonomies, lightweight collaboration, social bookmarking, and media sharing.

The innovations and practices of Web 2.0 will continue to develop. We cannot say when the final step of web evolution will come, but we are really excited about it.

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What is the Web 3.0?
The uUpcoming generation of Website or Web Technology will be called as Web 3.0. Click to know exactly, what is the web 3.0?
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