Web Hosting server is the place where your website rests on.

In more technical terms, Web Hosting Server is a globally accessible computer. This computer acts as a server and it is accessed globally through a unique IP address (Which is your Domain Name). You can purchase this computer to host your website. Hosting a website means saving its related files and medias on a server. These files can then be accessed online through a domain name pointing towards that particular server address.

Types of Web Hosting Servers

There are many types of web hosting servers. Some of these are listed below and explained briefly.

1) Shared Hosting: These are most commonly used and affordable Hosting Environment.

What is shared hosting server?

These Web Hostings Servers shares its resources with the wide network of online connected servers. Hosting companies use Load Balancers and CDN to enhance their Shared Web Hosting Servers. Here there are many users on the same web hosting shared server network and their resources are fixed and allocated by the hosting companies. In this shared hosting environment, limited resources are allocated per users, which makes these hosting affordable and less powerful. Resources are restricted, so that other users may not slow down the whole network of shared servers. Thier Hostings can be extended and their files are distributed within the network of servers.

On these hosting, you can not literally store unlimited files, even if you unlimited hosting. Most people think they can, but it’s not possible because files and folders are counted as an in-nodes. These in-nodes are limited. It is possible that in any case if you use more resources on your shared hosting server which may affect the performance of the whole network. Then your account may get blocked by the hosting provider.

2) Virtual Private: Unlike shared hosting server, these hosting servers are more powerful and private. These servers also share its resources with other servers in a network. These are also known as VPS.

What is the virtual private server?

VPS (Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Private Dedicated Server)  uses separate OS (Operating System) on each hosting account. The users who purchase VPS has more freedom and features than shared hosting. Here user gets a private space with more CPU resources (CPU | Central Processing Unit of a Server). These Hosting servers are called virtual because, they act like a real dedicated physical servers.

3) Dedicated Server: Are real physical server assigned to each user. Hosting limitations are still present due to hardware/machine limitations.

What is dedicated hosting servers?

These are the real physical dedicated server is assigned to the specific user with complete freedom. It has faster performance, and users will have all the server’s resources entirely, without sharing with other users. If you are the owner of Dedicated server, then you can use this hosting to provide web hosting services to others. You can define and set your own custom rules.

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